Are you afraid to ask for the sale? If you answered yes to this question, you are not alone. There are a ton of sales professionals there that are reluctant to ‘ask for the sale’.


To be as clear as I can, the ONLY reason this happens is, people are afraid of rejection.

They take the ‘no’ personally. Very personally.

If you are in sales and are afraid to hear the word ‘no’, then you need to get out of sales. It’s part of the process. YOU are not going to hear a ‘yes’ during or after every sales meeting.

You need to be realistic when it comes to this issue. Ask yourself this question: What’s the worst thing that can happen when you ask for the sale and the prospect says ‘no’?

Answer: Nothing!

Maybe tell you to get the heck out of his office. So what?

Just move on to your next prospect. I’m not saying to give up, but this will give you time to re-group and approach the prospect later. Use this rejection as a learning tool.

In the future, you’ll have to come up with new ideas and give value to this prospect, and try again.

This prospect may never buy from you, but that’s okay. You are not going to WIN every sale.

The average salesperson will hear somewhere between 4 and 7 ‘no’s’ before hearing a YES!

I’ve compiled a list of 7 reasons why YOU are afraid to ask for the sale. Read each one and write down an idea or thought next to each reason. This will help you understand where you are, mentally in the process.

Once you’ve determined what your particular reasons are, you now can address one or all of them individually.

7 Reasons why you are apprehensive about asking for the sale:

*You are unprepared

*You have no new ideas to help your prospect WIN

*You didn’t find anything in common with your prospect

*You didn’t give value first

*You don’t have 20 engaging questions prepared to get your customer to ‘think’

*You act professional and not friendly. (Being friendly trumps professionalism)

*You didn’t paint the picture of outcome in the prospects mind.

Bob Theriot is a Gitomer Certified Advisor. He is qualified and authorized to sell and deliver Jeffrey Gitomer’s body of work both online and in the classroom. Bob was trained personally by Jeffrey himself. For more information about Bob visit or on Twitter @BobTheriot


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