I have some very exciting news! In the next few days, I will be launching a brand new marketing platform to get your name and business out into your local market place.

The Local Expert Review.

If you are a local expert in your field, we will be able to position YOU as the marketing leader in your industry. I’m producing a series of interviews in many major categories such as: Dental, Law Firms, Vehicle Repair, Plumbers, Contractors, and many many others…

We will interview you in your office over the phone and then produce that interview in a Hollywood style studio using state of the art graphics, animation and music. We’ll even promote your address, phone number and website.

Don’t worry about what to say in the interview. We’ll write the scripts and take care of all the important stuff.

Our show will even be hosted by a professional spokes model that will help make you look like a rockstar.

We will then syndicate this interview out to the masses via the internet, on our YouTube channel, Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our e-zine. This interview platform works great for SEO and they get you more exposure online.

You can then take this recorded interview and use it all of your marketing efforts such as your Facebook page, website and email marketing campaigns.

If you are interested in this dynamic marketing platform, contact me directly so that I can answer all of your questions, including the investment and scheduling times to be our next expert.

Right now, for being a subscriber to ‘Success Rocket’ you’ll have first crack in participating in our beta program. We need to line up at least 10 different local experts quickly so, we’ll cover all of the production costs. That’s right! We’ll pay for;

*The Professional Spoke Model

*Hollywood Style Studio time

*Lighting and Directing

*Graphics and Animation

*Licensed Music

*Script Writing

Call for me to hear all of the details on how this beta is going to work.

email: [email protected]




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