What’s the best form of advertising these days? Here’s a hint: It has been and will always probably be the gold standard?

Answer: Word of mouth!

Word of mouth you say? Yes sir! But think about this. It’s finite. It only works when someone feels compelled enough to tell someone else. Then it stops. Until that person decides to tell someone else, again.

This may or may not happen. Finite: Defined as having limits or bounds.

Think back to when you first started your business? You probably built your business with hard work, great customer service and word of mouth. The perfect recipe for success.

You delivered or performed a great service for someone and they were so thrilled, they told a friend or family member and so on and so on…

Your business kept growing.

There is nothing sweeter to hear that one of your customer’s was so happy with you, they referred someone else to you. When someone is willing to refer a friend to you, they are taking a risk. They are basically saying that they trust you and risking their own reputation.

It’s a big honor.

That’s the best social proof in the world. Chances are that none of the social media platforms were around, when all of this was taking place.

Now, when someone is happy with your business or maybe even upset, they don’t just tell a friend or family member. They tell the entire world.


They get online, go to a search engine or maybe Facebook and with one click of the button, send out a message. Now depending on what kind of experience they had with your business, will determine what that message says.


Was it 1 star or 5 stars?

And think about this for a second. Unlike the finite one-on-one referral, that stops with that person. An online review last forever! You can never remove it once it’s there.

The good news is, the same goes for a good 5 Star Review. Once someone writes a raving review about your business, it stays online forever.

The review now becomes an asset of your business.

When you decide to spend the time and energy it takes to get ‘online reviews’ for your business, this is called Reputation Marketing. Most people, especially the ‘so called experts’ just don’t get it. They want to manage your online reputation. Not market it.


Answer: Because they don’t know how.

If you want to spend advertising dollars to increase your business, you need to be concerned with your online reputation first. What good is it to be ranked #1 on Google, if your online reputation is horrible?

Once a savvy customer sees your online reputation and you have no reviews or poor reviews, they probably will move on to the next business that does have a 5 Star Reputation.

So, if your business lacks in the ‘review department’ and isn’t doing so well, where do you start?

Answer: Seek out a Reputation Marketing Expert or a marketing agency that specializes in Reputation Marketing. It’s totally different than a company that just wants to manage your reputation. Find someone that can do both.

A true Reputation Marketing expert can help you build, manage and market your 5 Star Reputation!

It’s all starts with one review at a time….

Bob Theriot is a local marketing advisor and helps business of all sizes increase their customer base. Owner of Success Rocket Marketing, Author, Sales Trainer, Blogger, and a Gitomer Certified Advisor, Bob can help your business grow with his proprietary reputation marketing system! For more information about Bob visit www.BobTheriot.com or contact him at: [email protected]

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