How do you get YOU and your business noticed in your noisy world? There are so many distractions it’s getting harder and harder for the average business to get and keep the attention of anyone these days.

What’s causing these short attention spans?

Answer: Technology. Smartphones in particular, have taken over your world. Every one carries one and everyone is staring at them.

I even see 3 and 4 year olds using their parent’s phones sometimes. It’s really incredible. A few short years ago, I don’t think anyone could have predicted it.

According to ABC News the average person looks down at their smartphone over 220 times a day!

Imagine the strain on the your neck? It hurts me just thinking about it.

The main reason you are not getting noticed is because people are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands of messages a day.

Let’s run through the numbers real quick.

You wake up in the morning, probably to an alarm clock radio blaring. The first thing you hear is a commercial about a big sale at a furniture store, this coming weekend. Then, you hear about 25 more radio commercials while getting ready for the day and driving to work.

While driving to work, you probably get about two or three Facebook notifications, two or three Twitter notifications, and two or three Instagram notifications……and you get the point.

I didn’t even mention LinkedIn, Pinterest or all the other social media outlets.

As you drive down the highway you notice about 20 to 25 billboards.

All this has happened and you haven’t even actively participated in any internet searches or have checked your email yet.

Depending on how many email accounts you may have, the average person receives about 25 emails per account overnight. Combine that with your business email, and that’s fifty emails you have to open, delete or respond to.

Math time: So between the times you woke up and got to your office to open your email this morning, you have been messaged or notified over a 100 times!

And it’s only 9:00 a.m.!

There you have it. You’re trying to get your message out into the world and there is stiff competition.

So what do you do to get noticed? You are going to have to use all of the social media platforms that I just mentioned. But use them in a BETTER way.

You’ll have to use them in a way that brings VALUE to the reader. Most people don’t grasp this concept and just post nonsense n their social media platforms.

I use all my social media platforms for one thing: to give value to my readers. The only place I don’t do this is with my personal Facebook page. All my other accounts are used for value messaging only.

What is value messaging? It’s information that your reader can use. Example: a review about some new software that was just released. Or, a sales tip on how to get your reader more business.

Once you’re are consistent in your messaging every day, you will start to see more of a following and people will start sharing your messages with others.

People will retweet your message and or share it on Facebook. This is very powerful. When others are willing to share your message, it means they found value in what you had to say.

This is how you get noticed. This is what will set you and your business apart from all the others.

Tell me how you get noticed in your marketplace?

Bob Theriot is a Gitomer Certified Advisor. He is qualified and authorized to sell and deliver Jeffrey Gitomer’s body of work both online and in the classroom. Bob was trained personally by Jeffrey himself. For more information about tips and advice from Bob visit his blog at or


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