For those of you that are still on the fence on whether or not you and your business should be promoting/advertising on social media, here is your wakeup call!

Think of me as your alarm clock or iPhone going off early in the morning just as you started into that last dream you were about to have….

If you have not come to the realization that social media is here AND here to stay for the next few decades, then you are mistaken.

I can’t tell you just how social media will look like in five or ten years but I do know that it’s not going away. There will be new platforms that come on the digital scene or old ones that will evolve. Just look at Facebook for example. They are constantly changing the look, and feel of their interface and we are all just along for the ride.

Let’s face it. Social Media is still relativity young compared to other forms of advertising. Newspapers (almost extinct), Radio, Billboards, and television have all remained the same or STATIC, for the last 70 years. Give or take a few years and some small technological advancements.

These forms of advertising have remained the same for so many years and it’s what people were used to. This will not be the case for social media.

If there is one thing I know if sure is, Social Media is going to change AND change often!

I mean, the newspaper business has been forced to go online just to try to remain relevant. Some are exclusively online now.

People in general are now getting most of their information from their smartphones. Are most of those eyeballs are looking at social media.

If you want to reach those people, you and your business are going to have to put yourself in front of those huge audiences.

In the city where I work, El Paso TX. I still come across many business that still don’t understand the importance of social media. I have business owners that tell me to my face that it’s unnecessary and they’ve gotten by for X amount of years without it.

True, in some cases, but how much time do they have before their business becomes so irrelevant that they eventually fade away into obscurity.

I would not want to put myself or my clients in that position. If you are a business owner and you’re still unclear of what steps to take, I would say to start small.

At the very minimum, open up a business Facebook account. It’s FREE! Start posting content slowly and try to keep it simple.

Remember to post things that are interesting to others and don’t just post a sale or a special you are having. Post content that will peak the interest of your audience. Keep it fun and light and every once in a while you can tell them about your sale.

If you are constantly in ‘selling mode’ people will lose interest quickly and may even remove you from their account all together.

If you’re unsure of what do next and would like some advice, you can contact me by email at [email protected]



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