I talk to business owners all of the time and the one topic that always seems to come up is social media. Everyone has an opinion about it and there are countless experts who claim to know everything about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You name it!

These are what I call, self-proclaimed experts!

But the truth is; there are very few people who are experts at social media. Yes, there are a few, but it’s highly unlikely that you are actual dealing with one right now. Especially when it comes to your businesses marketing and advertising.

If you own or manage a business, you probably have a “sales rep” in radio or television that now pitches you social media management on a monthly basis. These media entities have become so called “experts’ in social media” almost overnight.


What they usually have is, a large following on Facebook and Twitter, which now allows them to say, they know everything about social media. “The numbers don’t lie.” They say.

Yes they do!

Trying to figure out how social works best for your business can be puzzling at times. Here are a few questions every business owner/manager should ask themselves, when it comes to using social media in their business;

*Should I even be using social media to grow my business?

*What social media platform works best for my business?

*How often should I post, tweet or blog?

*Should I use text, pictures or videos?

*Should I buy advertising on social media platforms or should I grow my network organically?

*Should I try to do it myself or should I hire a social media expert to handle it for me?

Lots of followers = Social Media Expert. WRONG!

Most local radio and television stations have a huge following because of their large volume of viewers and listeners and they are able to push out content in a big way. Via promotions and contest they run. Non-stop.

You can’t go 5 minutes of listening a radio station without hearing about how “You need to go to our Facebook page and ‘Like’ a post or picture to be entered to win a grand prize trip to Hawaii.”

If you own a small to mid-size business, you probably don’t have the resources to do this type of mass marketing. You need to be more strategic.

Your R.O.I for social media can be a gold mine or land mine depending on how you approach it.

In my opinion, you should consult with a savvy social media company. All of the questions I posted above should be the start to a conversation of how a social media marketing agency can help you.

They should be able to address all of your concerns about social media and then some. And be leery of an agency that advises you to use every social media platform known to man.

This is not necessary. What works for some businesses may not work for yours. Not all platforms are the same nor are their core audiences. You may not even need to reach a certain demographic at all.

Not all platforms work well for every business. And some work better than others.

A good agency will help you to sort all of that out. I’m a huge proponent of social media and believe it should be a part of every businesses marketing plan.

Bob Theriot is a local marketing advisor and helps business of all sizes increase their customer base. Owner of Success Rocket Marketing, Author, Sales Trainer, Blogger, and a Gitomer Certified Advisor, Bob can help your business grow with his proprietary reputation marketing system! For more information about Bob visit www.BobTheriot.com or contact him at: [email protected]

Group of Multiethnic People Discussing About Social Media
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Group of Multiethnic People Discussing About Social Media

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