It’s that time of year again when everyone starts thinking about their personal and business goals. This is the time of year when you will start to hear the word resolution, about a thousand times.

Don’t worry. You’ll stop hearing that word somewhere around early February. And then, just as quickly as you began to hear it, the word will cease to exist again, until right after next Christmas.

It happens every year. About 99% of people will NOT reach their goal(s) come years end.

What do you suggest would cause all these people to fail miserably and not see their resolution(s) through?

We live in a fast paced world and the everyday stresses and obligations can cause you to get side tracked and lose focus. Although what I just wrote in the previous sentence is true, it is by no means the reason(s) you didn’t reach your goals last year. And to be quite frank, it probably won’t be the reason(s) you won’t reach your goals this year either.

At the end of this article I will share with you the main reason why you won’t reach your goals this year. (If you’re part of the 99%) Or in other words, ‘AVERAGE’.

The following is a list of The 10 Commonly Broken New Year’s Resolutions according to Time Magazine. Right next to the resolutions I’ve listed the reason people tell themselves, as to what caused them to fail. Keep in mind that these reasons are not true. They are all falsehoods.

Resolution                                                      Reason THEY Failed

*Lose weight & get fit                                      *No time to work out

*Quit smoking                                                 *All my friends smoke and the temptation is hard

*Learn something new                                    *It’s expensive to take night classes

*Eat healthier & diet                                       *Eating healthier is VERY expensive

*Get out of debt and save money                 *Cost of living is high & I need every penny I earn

*Spend more time with family                       *My friends & family should call me to meet up

*Travel to new places                                    *I don’t have the time or money

*Be less stressed                                           *My boss is a jerk and until he quits I can’t relax

*Volunteer                                                      *I really can’t find the time

*Drink less                                                     *I’m stressed out & my nightly glass of wine helps

If you’re like most people, you will definitely relate to the resolutions listed above. You’ve probably tried to accomplish at least one or more at some point or another.

I personally struggle with the eating healthy part and trying to stay fit. It’s no easy task. I’d say this is probably one of the biggest challenges that most people face. All of these resolutions takes an inner strength and commitment to succeed.

So, what I did was hire a nutritionist to prepare my meals for me daily and a few months later I’ve lost almost 30 pounds.

You have to prioritize your life in all areas to reach your goals.

I promised you at the beginning of this article that I would share with you the main reason you may not reach your personal goals and resolutions this coming year.

You may even find it hard to believe but, it’s true.

I’ve had countless discussions with people much smarter than me and some of these mentors, and friends have shared the same theory as I.

Here is the answer: YOU!

Are you shocked? Are you in disbelief?

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. I don’t care what it is you want to accomplish. If you want to reach your goals you are going to have to commit to yourself that you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

And the sad truth is, most people won’t. They get in their own way and even sabotage themselves at a deeper level.

What do I mean by sabotage?

Let’s say you start a diet on Monday with good intentions. The first day goes great and you manage to get through the entire day without cheating. No sweets, very little carbs, and you ate healthy snacks just as you planned. Great start.

But then, you get a call from an old friend asking you to meet him at your favorite pizza joint for dinner later that night.

So what do you do? Do you tell your friend you can’t go? Or do you go and skip the pizza and order a salad?


This is where YOU stand in the way of your own success. If you choose wrong and eat the pizza, you blow your diet and start from square one, AGAIN.

“Tomorrow will be the day”, you tell yourself. How many times have you done this before? How many times have you told yourself that you’re going to start something or do something on a certain day, and that day never comes?

YOU are your own worst enemy! If you can learn to trust yourself and do what you know needs to get done, to be your very best, you can.

Create a Game plan

Just like a good coach would do before a big game, YOU need to sit down with yourself and create a game plan for your life.

You cannot know where you are headed if you have not created a plan to get there. Once you’ve decided what you are want to accomplish, you have to set a date and write it down.

Next, take massive action. Do whatever YOU need to do to accomplish your goals. Take steps every day and little by little, you will start to see the fruits of your labor.

And during this process, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Seek out advice from a friend or mentor and hire a coach in whatever field/goal you are trying to accomplish.

A good coach with years of experience and know how, can help shorten your journey to whatever it is your trying to do.

Invest in yourself and try to get out of your own way…

Bob Theriot is a local marketing advisor and helps business of all sizes increase their customer base. Owner of Success Rocket Marketing, Author, Sales Trainer, Blogger, and a Gitomer Certified Advisor, Bob can help you and your sales team WIN with the best sales training in the world! For more information about Bob visit or contact him at: [email protected]

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