You’ve decided that you’re going to take action to increase your sales. You want to do something to help your business grow. No more of the same old-same old. You’ve decided you are going to try something different. But wait! Sometimes the same old, does work.

The problem is with your implementation. No strategy will work without proper implementation. I’ve compiled a list of the 5 strategies that can help you get more business.

Just keep in mind that in order for them to work, you actually have to execute these ideas.

  1. Face to face sales. This strategy is for the small business owner. (If you’re a sales professional, you already do this every day.) In my opinion, there is no better way to drum up business than to go out into the street and knock on some doors. YES! Cold calling is dead and usually doesn’t work, but in some industries, this can work.

When I say, go out and knock on some doors, I mean, get yourself out of the office and put yourself and your business in front of people that can say YES! Network and join a business networking group or get active in your local chamber of commerce. You’ll be amazed what meeting new people and contacts can do for your business.

  1. Direct Marketing. Most people confuse advertising and direct marketing. Advertising brands your business. Direct marketing promotes your business and offers directly to your prospect via email, mail-outs, fliers, catalogs and postcards. Couple this strategy with a strong offer. A call to action. This strategy allows you to market directly to your core audience. Saving you money and time.

3.Call to action. This is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response. So, when you use an email or postcard to reach your prospect, you are asking/telling them to do something. Example #1; sign up on an opt-in page to receive other offers from you to receive something free. Something of value that they can use. Example #2; a free report on how to save money on groceries or how to build a tree house for your kids. Once you have their email address you can now send them other offers and tell them about your business.

  1. Give value first. This strategy can be confusing to many. If you ask an average business owner if they give value to their customers most will say yes. More often than not, they refer to it as, ‘value added’. Something given to the customer after the sale. True value is something you give your customer/prospect, before a transaction even occurs. Think about something you can give a potential customer that they can use. Something that makes them think of you. Something they can appreciate about you and your business. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to have value!
  2. Advertising Specialties. An advertising specialty, also known as a promotional product, is any item imprinted with a logo or slogan and given out to promote a company, organization, product, service, special achievement or event. T-shirts, mugs, pens and key tags are popular examples, and just about anything can be imprinted. Not only do advertising specialties work but they are VERY cost effective. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a big impact on your customer. They are great way to say ‘thank you’ and are great tools at keeping your business name in front of your potential client for as long as they use the item.

Listed below are some resources that I personally use to help you promote your business. Feel free to check them out for yourself.

For advertising specialties Once you pick your product contact me to place your order. Email: [email protected]

To create a landing page for your call to action

Bob Theriot is the author of the book ‘Pounding The Pavement’ – Tools, Techniques & Inspiration for Succeeding in Sales. He is also a Certified Gitomer Advisor which allows him to teach Jeffrey Gitomer’s award winning content on sales, customer service, personal development and networking. For more information about Bob Theriot visit his website at


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