You need to deactivate your business Facebook page right now! “What?” you say. That’s right. Today, as I sit here at my computer thinking about a recent meeting I just had with a potential client, I’m telling you to deactivate your business Facebook page.

You see, this prospect has a Facebook page account, but she refuses to post regularly on it. I asked her why, and she said that she doesn’t believe her customer’s really use social media. She also thinks it’s a big waste of time and it makes her no money.

So, my first thought is to tell her to deactivate that Facebook account!

I know some of you are thinking that I’m crazy. Especially since, a large portion of my marketing company, manages and markets local businesses social media accounts.

But I have some pretty good reasons why I’m telling you to do it. And to be quite clear, I want you to deactivate any and all your social media accounts that you are currently not active on.

That’s right. If you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, or any other social media account that you are not posting content on, please deactivate it immediately.

The following are my Top 5 Reasons to Deactivate Your Social Media Accounts;

  1. Deactivate your account if you are not posting on a regular basis. Why? Because if you are not posting, and someone stumbles upon your page, and you haven’t posted any content in months, it looks like you’re out of business. Not good!Think of your Facebook account as a large shopping window that you would see, walking down any street in your town or city. If you walk past a store and the window is dusty and dirty, what are you to assume? Answer: People think that the business is closed down and has ‘gone out of business’ , In fact, all of your social media accounts are like large shopping windows that consumer’s peak inside and decide to themselves whether or not, they are going to do business with you.Posting content, pictures, articles and such, on a regular basis, makes your business relevant. It means that you are engaged with your customers and want to add value to the market place. Your store windows are shiny and clean. It’s very inviting and it makes any passerby want to come in and check out what you have to offer.
  2. Deactivate your account if you only want to post content about the product or service you are selling. If this is what you are doing, you are missing the point of social media altogether. Being ‘Salesy’ on social media is definitely a no-no. Its okay to make an offer or call to action every once in a while, but constantly pitching your product or service everyday gets old, real quick. People will stop paying attention to you and definitely won’t share any of your content with their ‘friends’. And the name of the game is to get people to share your stuff/post organically. This is how your platform grows. By people sharing and ‘liking’ your content.
  3. Deactivate your account if you think you have to manage a social media presence because you own a business. This is the wrong reason to open a social media account. You constantly hear how your competitor has a Facebook page so you feel you need to have one as well. Don’t get me wrong, I believe almost every business should maintain a social media platform, but if you have no intention in harnessing the power and influence it can bring, then stay away from it completely. Always do marketing and advertising that you appreciate.
  4. Deactivate your account if you are not social person or business and don’t wish to engage your audience. It’s okay to want to hold on to some anonymity but social media requires engagement by you and or your employees. Especially if you want to build a loyal audience.
  5. Deactivate your account if you don’t want to be relevant or stand out in your market place. Social media is the perfect platform to get noticed and make a difference in people’s lives. I know it sounds hokey but just one piece of engaging and relevant content can help change a way a person thinks about a certain issue or cause.

Social media isn’t just about selling or hawking yourself to the market. It’s about so much more. You now have the ability to reach millions of people from the palm of your hand (using a smartphone) You no longer have to send out a press release and hope that a newspaper or television station will pick up your story and help spread your message or mission. And if YOU can’t do it correctly, hire an experienced digital marketing agency to handle this part of your business for you. With a social media platform, you now have the ability, if done correctly, to have an impact on your market place and position yourself as ‘THE’ market leader.


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