Do you offer FREE WIFI to your customers? If you own a Restaurant, Bar, Spa/Salon, or a business with a waiting room, you should!

People are always looking for hotspots and just by giving Free WIFI away, you encourage consumers to come into your establishment and spend their time AND money.

The big guys are already doing it. Companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s realized quickly what consumers were looking for, and they gave it to them.


When you give something away and lead with VALUE first, people are more likely to trust you more and enjoy visiting your business more often.

Most people will go into a Starbucks, order a coffee and enjoy browsing the web using the free WIFI. Chances are more than 50% of the time, your customer is probably going to order another drink or get something to eat.

Just then, you’ve increased your revenues. All just by giving something away.

It just makes sense to offer FREE WIFI in your business.

Now, let me take it a step further.

What if there was a way, that in exchange for giving your FREE WIFI, you could monetize it? I mean, actually use it in your marketing, to get consumers to come back to your establishment and spend more money? Over and over again…

Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, that time is here and now!

Success Rocket Marketing, located in El Paso, TX, is now offering to take your WIFI to the next level. We can install our own routers with built in software that will allow us to capture YOUR customer’s name, email address and gender. We then redirect them to your Facebook page, Yelp, Google Plus page, or your website, once they login.

There is nothing for you to do other than tell people your business offers FREE WIFI. We do everything else!

This one strategy can increase your social media engagement and numbers. At this point we have also captured your customer’s email address as well, so now you can continue to remarket to a very HOT list.

YOUR existing customer base.

But it gets better. As soon as your customer disconnects from your FREE WIFI, we then email them a promotion or special offer.

So, let’s say you own or bar and you’re trying to get the word out about your Happy Hour and Specials. We immediately email them a coupon with an expiration date. This strategy gets them to come back at a specific time.

You tell us when you need more business and we promote this via our WIFI Program.

It works fantastic!

To Schedule a quick 15 Minute Live Demo in the El Paso Area Click Here or Call 915-253-8491



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