Have you Googled your own business lately? Do you know how many online reviews you have? And the most important question is, do you know what your customer’s are saying about you and your business online?

This could one of the main reasons your phone isn’t ringing as much as it once did!

There is no greater type of advertising than, word of mouth advertising. The second best form of advertising is online reviews. In my opinion, online reviews are actually more powerful.


Online reviews are everywhere. They are online, on advertisements, television, radio, magazines, you name it.

With word of mouth, it’s one-on-one. It stops there. When a review goes online, the world sees it.


92% of the public looks up online review before they decide to do business with you. With millennials, the percentage goes up to 97%.

So, who’s left?

No one really.

Everyone is online and everyone is looking up your business and deciding whether or not they are going to give you, their hard earned money.

Think about this, once someone writes a review, it stays online forever. If someone writes a negative review, that it going to stay online forever as well.

You want a 5 Star Reputation! It takes an average of 6 to 10 reviews to be trusted. But remember, this is for each directory you are listed on

There are some tactics you can use to try to get the review revised, but in this article I’m only going to discuss the importance of your online reputation.

And believe me, it’s very important.

So, stop reading this article right now and Google your business. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you right here. I’ll give you a couple of minutes.

(Permission based break from knowledge)

Okay, your assignment is over. So, what did you find?

Was it good or bad? Did you have any reviews at all? If you think that just because you didn’t find a review about your business online, everything is okay, you are mistaken.

No reviews are just as bad as having a negative review. This indicates to the public, that your business is irrelevant. No reviews are very telling. You don’t want this.

You want your business to be relevant. You want it to be worth someone taking valuable time out of their day to write a glowing review about you.

This says a lot!

I also have something else to mention to you….Google is not the only search engine online! There are countless others like Yelp, Bing, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Yahoo, Super Pages and the list goes on and on…

Now what are you going to do about all these other search engines? You are going to need to take an active role in your business and seek out getting good 5 Star Reviews for all of these directories.

Impossible you say? Not if you have the right game plan in place and create a culture within your business to get customers to give you good reviews.

You need to train your staff to create a WOW experience for your customers and then ask them to leave you feedback. These two strategies go a long way in helping you build a 5 Star Reputation you can be proud of.

Don’t know where to start? I can help you. You need to know where you stand right now, so you know what you need to do, to start building your 5 Star Reputation.

CLICK HERE to receive your FREE Online Visibility Report. It only takes a few minutes and the report will reveal to you what directories your business is on, missing from, or incorrect. It also give you an overall visibility score including video and a snapshot of all your online reviews from the last 6 months.

And don’t worry, like I mentioned it’s 100% FREE! You don’t have to enter any personal information or a credit card number!

This information is priceless. If you need any more help or guidance please feel free to contact me directly by email: [email protected]

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