If you own a local business or brand who markets on Facebook, you’re going to want to read this.

Some people have heard about the change, but you may have missed it. Especially if you’re in the trenches with your local business. It can sometimes be a challenge to stay abreast of everything that is going on in the social media space.

With all the social media platforms today like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube, it’s even hard for professional marketers to know what’s going on, all the time.

These platforms are in constant flux and when something about them changes, it’s not always evident immediately.

But with this new Facebook change, it made most, stand up and take notice.  The Facebook algorithm is constantly evolving. The ‘Facebook’ philosophy has always been to try to give the user a flawless experience.

So, changes are a constant to try to achieve this goal. In it’s recent change, Facebook said it would start prioritizing posts. They are doing this to create more meaningful conversations between family and friends.


Oh oh…. said most marketers and businesses. What exactly does this mean?

The immediate thought was that organic reach would take a hit on the jaw. Thus, causing posts by business pages to reach an even smaller percentage of their audience on Facebook.

So here is the skinny – In the recent FACEBOOK NEWS FEED WEBINAR, they broke down the explanation into four main components:

  1. Inventory (content available)
  2. Signals (consideration about content)
  3. Predictions (considerations about person)
  4. Overall score


Signals are what we as brands and marketers can focus on to have content seen by more users on the Facebook News Feed

This signal gets its cues form comments and shares.

So, as a business, if you can get your followers to comment and share your post, it will make it more accessible to others.

In my opinion, it’s just Facebook’s way of throttling back the views of organic reach by savvy business pages who have figured out to reach more people.

So, a business page is really going to have to ‘PAY TO PLAY”

Gone are the days of organic reach having a big impact on your regular posts. You’re basically going to have to spend money boosting every post you want to be seen.

What else can brands do to be successful on Facebook?

  1. Focus on content that connects like-minded people
  2. Post content that naturally creates meaningful interactions
  3. Activate niche communities through Facebook Groups


With all this information, it turns out the sky is not falling for brands and business pages. There are strategies you can implement, but it will take some getting used to and probably a little more money, to get you the reach you once had.

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