Do you know what your industry’s average cost per lead is? Have you ever looked it up? You might be really surprised.

Most owners, managers, CEO’s have no idea what it cost to get a lead on a Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Yes, I’m talking about Google!

Let’s look at the Mortgage Industry. I’m talking to you loan originators. The Average Cost-Per-Click for Mortgage Keywords is $47.12!

NO! I’m not kidding.

And most competitive keywords (depending on your industry will be just as expensive.)

Are you sick & tired of dumping money & time into marketing programs that are too expensive, or just don’t work? Or lead providers that sell the same leads over and over to all your competitors? 


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could know who was researching online for a top keyword for your business and you had the tools to market to them without paying $20-$30 a click?


My agency, Success Rocket Marketing now has the technology…

We monitor online consumer behaviors and signals, like keyword searches, campaign response and navigation behavior.

We can tell you who is actively shopping for YOUR INDUSTRY and who might just be researching.  We can also tell you when your past clients are dipping their toe back in the market so you re-engage them before they call your competitor. 

Smart Marketers Use…

“CUSTOM AUDIENCES”! Especially on social media.

When you OWN the data, you can create custom audiences for your targeting.

  According to Facebook’s own data, companies can save 47% on their CPA when marketing to custom audiences.  Our clients have seen as much as 75% decrease in CPA.  The biggest difference with our clients is that our Custom Audience Data (Site-Match, On-Board, and In-Market leads) have already shown to be In-The-Market based on the targeting criteria provided by you.

Don’t know how to build a sales funnel to get these leads? We can help. Set- up  a FREE consultation and learn how we can drive active customers right to your door step or sales funnel.  Especially if you’re currently spending money on Google Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.

Our system can get you 50% to 100% more leads for the same amount you are spending now on per-per-click. 

Now, the hard part will be, figuring out what you will do with all the hot leads we will provide you.

For a FREE consultation or proposal Contact me at (915) 253-8491 or email me at [email protected]



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